Frantic Showreel. DDA Sound Design Demo.

Sound Design Production Notes

-SFX for Frantic Logo at beginning to detail fast, jagged movement and varying textures before expansion (forming crystals of rock, composites, pink ice possibly even rubber elements). Representative sound of expansion before definitive explosion. Subtle nod to rotating full stop before punctual sound at finish.

-Showreel must maintain furious pace whilst acknowledging spectrum scale in represented sounds. i.e. from microscopic detail sound of ice crystals forming to powerful bombastic highlights, particularly the two main explosions aside from Frantic Logo...Virgin Galactic (attempt to emulate Star Wars deep space mines- Janga fett Chase) and Psp averts colour bomb.note: use DDA Freezer recordings for close-up ice formation. 

-Avoid overusing melodies or music  where possible, this will afford space for overlay or composition addition dependant on client wishes .Percussive elements such as samples of drums and kick/crash hits, definitely of use in carrying pace of visuals.

- Cosmetic adverts seem to emulate féminin vibe so look to confirm this with selected vocals, possibly laughter and use key of 'E' or 'C' to deliver Euphoric undertones complimenting vibrant colour scheme.

-No touching 'SEGA' -can never convince anyone of a new sound from the original vox, use sweep or movement sound to allow it to be recognised but passed.

-Racing/car visuals. Imperative to convince the ears of speed and power. High speed pass and engine recordings from DDA library to be used. Source tires squeals and crowd sounds. 

-Be sure to interrupt bombastic moments with calm...birdsong, sparse soundscapes, delicate sfx.    

-Balance real-life recordings with synthesised SFX and match to relevant vfx styles, i.e. super real and surreal/fantastic.