The Blues Crab is an visual feast of a short, silent film about the struggles of life, elders passing on what they have learned and the premise that The Blues music was created in times of sorrow to help carry you through. Dustless Digital was onboard from the very first pencil sketch (below) and began working towards achieving Ari's vision of a detailed natural environment enriched with a cinematicBlues soundtrack. 2 Years ago this project began with a walk along Bournemouth beach and a discussion between director Ari Rubenstien and myself (Ben Cozens) about the music of Muscle Shoals (legendary Alabama recording studio).







From my point of view as a Sound Designer, this early sketch was so important in getting the cogs turning. When looking at this image I'm immediately confronted with so many different elements for sonic consideration; -The atmosphere of a bay, the creatures that live on and near water, the treeline in the distance and the sounds one would expect from there. The expanse of water between the trees and the pier and how sound is affected by water. The weather, is it hot? Cold? Morning or evening? Finally the crab on the pier, consider how it will sound when walking on the wooden planks, are they thick planks? Wet? rotten?! What material is the crab pot made from and how would the crab interact with it?

Just a little insight to the thought process behind the start of this project and how the initial days of sound design/foley began.

The musical soundtrack is a whole story in itself but important to note that songs and tracks where created throughout the process and morphed ideas both visual and sonic all the way through. Hidden Pearls is the album made from so much of the music that shaped this journey and can be found here on our website Many of these tracks where in the film for spells during production but were changed to fit changes along the way! We felt it would be so important to allow all to be heard though as they share equal importance in the coming together of this entire project. 

All music was written, composed,produced, mixed and mastered here at Dustless Digital by Ben Cozens, Chris Hooks (guitarist) and underscore sections by Thomas Lydon





The Blues Crab website gives the full back story the the film and includes full details of all those talented artists involved from all around the world who came together to create this unique art film. 


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