Lectures and Courses in Sound Design for Animation

Dustless Digital is also very pleased to offer a service in the teaching of Sound Design for animation. From short lectures on the theoretical basics when approaching a project, up to full modular courses, we offer a range of entertaining and educational approaches to those wishing to learn our trade.

We are proud to be associated with The Vancouver Animation School (VANAS) for whom we are currently providing a full 3-stage modular course in Sound Design for animation. This particular course will be available exclusively to members of this online training facility (click image below for more details of the facility).


As head of our studios I also have the pleasure of working with the faculty of another superb academic stronghold, Bournemouth University. Helping towards the important, and sometimes overlooked, 'cross-pollination' of their audio and animation/film departments by giving lectures at their ever-growing BFX festival held each year at the BIC in Bournemouth.


BU square.jpeg

If your establishment, festival, conference or even club or society would benefit from a well executed and entertaining talk or course on 'Sound Design in Animation' then please contact us here at dustlessdigitalaudio@gmail.com to discuss your specific requirements or to arrange a meeting in person with one of us here at the Cambridge studios.

We are full of enthusiasm when it comes to delivering insightful and exciting learning packages for our subject and love nothing more than to share what we have learned with those who wish to learn. 

"Sound design is seemingly limitless in it's creative possibilities"