SONIC SLEEPERS- Micro Audio For The Mind

The following Files are a development of a new concept in so called 'Micro-Audio'. The Soundscapes are designed to be consumed at very low volume in periods of meditation or to aide the onset of sleep. Scientific studies has proven the process of induced R.E.M in the mind to 'file' thoughts and memories.  Using metronomic rhythms simulating a calming of the human heartbeat and stimulating frequencies to encourage renewed sensitivity of hearing, these tracks will promote a general feeling of calm to the listener. My hope is that they can also be effective, when coupled with meditation, by helping to process thoughts and emotions through the simulation of rapid eye movement.      

Sonic Sleepers 1Ben Cozens-Dustless Digital
00:00 / 19:53
Sonic Sleepers 2Ben Cozens-Dustless Digital
00:00 / 17:08
Sonic Sleepers 3Ben Cozens-Dustless Digital
00:00 / 26:48

This is different.

Fictional, philosophical, meditative.

If you were whisked away one day by that which we all ponder, how would it feel to discover the truth?

Hear to see.

This is a long running side project that has literally been a vessel for my Audio design and Music production work over recent years.
It is not complete, but maybe just enough to share.

Make of it what you will, if nothing else, it makes the mind race along with your heartbeat.