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Deep Way Down In The Ocean...

On Thursday 4th October at Bournemouth's BFX festival we proudly premiered The Blues Crab to a full house at the Bournemouth International Centre after 2 years in production.

The film was produced through a superb and fresh 'satellite' business model, where artists from all over the world were brought together by the director Ari Rubenstien to produce the numerous elements required to create this beautiful and unique visual moving picture.

Here at Dustless Digital we were honoured to be given the task of all audio for the 15min Art film. The Blues Crab tells the story of lessons learned in life the hard way and how attention to your elders can save you some pain on your journey through life's waters.

To find out the full back-story and the driving force behind the film I would urge you to take a little wander over to Curv and read of how Director, creator and vfx legend Ari Rubenstien came to begin this superb project.

The interest from our studio's point of view really came from working on this film from the very first pencil sketch. The sonic brief from the outset was 'Blue Planet but with the Blues'! So the journey began to achieve marrying realistic nature and underwater soundscapes with a flowing cinematic soundtrack ,holding at it's heart and soul, the essence of Blues music.

Through many location recordings of relevant environments, the atmosphere was sculpted in order to re-create the setting for the film, Chesepeake bay, Maryland, USA. Only short sections of the film find us above the surface of the water but it was essential to give a rich and realistic feeling to the location thus bringing the viewer immediately into that environment.

Cicadas, waterfowl, insects, organic material such as corn, grasses, trees, water and wood were all captured and carefully married to the stunning visuals created by Ari and team.

The majority of the story takes place underwater, just below the pier, where ,day in, day out these delicious but unfortunate Blue Crabs are captured for the pot!

Immediately the Blues come into play due to the very nature of the story. Our side-walking friends face their demise every day, they may regularly watch their friends and family rise up to the afterlife in a metal cage...now if that doesn't make you Blue, nothing will!

The details of underwater sound design will fill another blog so for now the musical overview will keep the stage!

We knew from early on that The Blues Crab himself was set to play a guitar (the instrument he made with his brother in their youth) so our challenge began to compose fresh and pertinent music for the story.

Singer, song-writer and exceptional guitarist Chris Hooks (@Hooker83) joined us at Dustless Digital studios for hundreds of memorable hours in order get 'that sound' just right.

I myself worked closely with Chris, writing lyrics, composing melodies, rhythms and producing the tracks but Chris displayed a tireless enthusiasm for the project. This coupled with outstanding musical knowledge and terrific blues slide guitar playing gave us more than just the soundtrack. I'd like to invite you to enjoy the wealth of music created for the film, much of which danced the line between 'in' and 'out' of the cuts along the way and some that were born from late night sessions and moments of inspiration:

The final injection of musical gravitas came from long-time Dustless Digital partner, Composer and Conductor Thomas Lydon . Whilst the Blues vein still ran somewhere in virtually every piece of music, Tom was drafte in to give that Cinematic weight to moments of emotional importance during the story. This he did, in abundance, with score that would not have been out of place in Saving Private Ryan! It was indeed a challenge to sculpt the varying compositions into one cohesive and flowing track but as with most films, the visual cues directed this from beginning to end.

With the premiere finally over, the journey for this film is really only just beginning and the entire Curv and Dustless Digital team are filled with eager anticipation for it's next outing.

We hope that you will continue to follow this story until the opportunity comes for you to see it in full for yourselves and catch a glimpse of all the hard work put in by so many wonderful, happy artists!