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Another Sonic offering from our studio. Another 'practicing the craft' project designed to entice the marketing world of the Automobile industry this time! It's the extra effort that counts, not just doing the jobs you've been asked/paid to do but to work on projects that literally don't yet exist but hopefully brought to fruition by the extra effort.

As artists and creators, running a business in the media industry, we constantly walk the tightrope between pleasing the crowd and holding on to an original idea in the hope that it makes it's way to the front of the stage, despite resistance.

'Rejection is part of the process', goodness knows we've all heard that as we try to jump high enough to be seen! However the by-product of rejection is working on your craft, over and over again, a sort of self-imposed practice scheme that you become unaware of...until you look back.

Even those at the very top of the game are producing work now that they will undoubtedly ponder over in a few years time, it may be due to shift's in technology or due to shifts in the 'trends'. At one stage it was the pinnacle of scary sound design to play a theremin recorded on a single mic suspended in the middle of the room, do that now and a group of skinny jean wearing teens would laugh you out the studio! (Sorry, showing my age, not just being mean..but the 80's was a fashion catastrophe so whytf is it back again?!!)

The point is, that it never stops. Chances are always going to be there, ahead of you in your career and the longer it takes to get there, the better prepared you will be when you find them.

Subjectivity will ALWAYS govern how your work is perceived and for every studio producer who loves your originality there will be a handful that think that it's 'not quite right' (because it doesn't sound the same as all the other Hollywood stuff!) Case in point, watching Dunkirk yesterday at the cinema, I was stressed when I left because of the incessant use of 'tension strings', apparently leading only to another run of the same, that is until Mr Zimmer punched a hole in the thing with an almighty orchestral bomb, powerful enough to make several people in the cinema burst into tears! Also, the gunshots seem to happen right next to your ear when the bullet was travelling half a mile over sand!...Sound designers are cursed with these nit-picking distractions when trying to enjoy a film but it was my subjectivity that caused conflict over that which I could hear. How would I have done it differently? Would it have been approved? Who knows?

Working for my own company, Dustless Digital Audio, gives me the opportunity to float above the seething mass of the industry and choose where I swoop in and take that which is available and exciting. I admit I will happily sit here and write "For all your Sonic requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us at...." but you can only take a horse to the water! I will continue to give my company, and the skilled artists within it, the 'chance for chances' by allowing our creativity to flourish and not to let current trends oust true originality. If they want you, they want you right?!

Thank you for reading my Tuesday Blogramble.

Love to hear, from you and just in general really!

Ben Cozens

Founder, director, Dustless Digital Audio.


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