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The lasers are paramount...

"Well its the first time I've ever seen lasers on a Tie Fighter, never mind heard them fire up! How on earth are they going to sound?" Here is where I began on my dream- task of producing an effective laser sound for the Tie fighter beautifully realised by the studios of Outpostvfx for the official launch trailer of Propel's Battledrone 'Toys' . These recently launched 'Quadcopters' have the ability to dogfight one another using a laser tag system, not unlike the old skool fun that was 'Laser Quest'

During early discussions with the studio directors in Spring of this year, it was noted that I would have to pay special attention to the Sound Design of the lasers featured in the trailer and ensure that they became a stand-out sonic feature of the film. Below is a brief 'at work' clip demonstrating (for the audio geeks) the plugins used to transform a simple ES1 synth note into a bristling and punchy laser effect.

I needed the depth/bottom end frequency to give the illusion of the size of the Tie Fighter i.e. here in the film we wanted to portray the craft as full size 'real deal' machines rather than tiny hundred and something Gramme drones. However, a warm, 'flanged' bass note was lost amongst the musical score and engine sounds, so I applied a series of effects allowing the compressed, distorted original note to punch through. The visual effects of the green lights dictated to me how the sound should literally move and emanate from their source below the cockpit, quickly dissipating 'offscreen' (i'e. L&R panning).

The nature of the plugins used (Ringshifter in particular) in this instance meant that every time the audio file was played, it produced a slightly different sound. The upshot of this is that every version (of which there are several online) actually has it's own subtle 'sonic fingerprint!). Here is the latest (shortened from original) trailer that Propel are using to launch their superb new drones.A great honour to be part of anything Star Wars, never mind such a huge merchandising campaign.

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