Working with leading VFX company Lumiere Studios on their Fluids Showreel, gave us the opportunity to fashion a bespoke sound track of Sound Design and rhythm to enhance the visual edit of this company's outstanding work. All SFX and foley is original and recorded and produced by Dustless Digital Audio Studios. 

Danger Mouse Game Audio for Fishinnabottle Ltd

Super Awesome Danger Squad. Now this was a special pleasure indeed! As a childhood super-fan of this character, it was such an honour to be asked to create 138 bespoke sound effects for this new BBC game.

Play the full game here for free on the BBC website:

This next example was commissioned by Universal through Outpost VFX of Bournemouth, for the trailer launching the Fast and the Furious Live show following the release of 'The Fate of the Furious' (film number 8 in the franchise). We recorded nine different supercars and American muscle cars so that we could work with an authentic, dynamic sound-world. 


THE DRONE WARS. Here, again working for Bournemouth based OUTPOSTvfx , we had the superb opportunity to provide the Sound design for this first class VFX Trailer. This is the official launch film for the new Star Wars battle drones, made by Propel released on sale at end of 2017. The exciting challenge here was to have to recreate some of those famous Star Wars sfx from scratch.....Read more on my blog page 

The following is a short showcase of DDA's sonic capabilities, specifically intended for securing professional contracts and employment opportunities in the TV and gaming industries. In this studio, we believe that the extra effort is the final 'kick' that will open the doors of opportunity. This is why we create such examples of our work as you will hear below.

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Only the sound design, SFX and musical elements of the following showreel have been produced by DDA, the animations and video footage is the work of the individual companies acredited within the footage of each trailer. 


The Blues Crab, by Ari Rubenstein, was launched into the world of Film Festivals in October, where it scooped it's first award for Best Combined use of Sound and Music. Below is the film trailer, first shown at Vancouver SIGGRAPH animation festival during the summer of this year. 

Working alongside the VFX students of Bournemouth Uni (NCCA)


 App and Interactive games sound design and musical composition for leading Media company


Word Fun Intro screen BGM - Dustless Digital Audio
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BBC BITESIZE PROTOTYPE PROJECT (Bedding Audio and multiple SFX):

Control room bedding audio - Dustless Digital Audio
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