Choosing Dustless Digital

Choosing the right audio company to work with on professional projects is a challenge. When considering a film or animation, sound is such an important element of the finished piece and must support all the fundamental ideals of the writers, directors and producers. Aside from the production of the content itself, it is most important to secure and maintain a smooth working relationship between the engaged parties. 

Communication is key:  The details of deadlines and production milestones, logistics, clarity of desired vision and simple understanding of working relationships are paramount for our studio's successful operation. Feedback stages must be concise and clear for both parties to avoid frustration and unnecessary time delays. 

Our creative ability as a sound studio is either tailored according to specific client requirements or given freedom to dream up the finest bespoke 'sonic art'. Either way we are enthusiastic in our pursuit of audio excellence and pride ourselves on the level of service we provide.

Should you wish to 'taste test' our creative abilities before committing to full projects, then we offer a demonstration service for a fixed price:

All we require is a single still image or brief sample of your film or animation (at any stage of production, e.g. animatics or even rough storyboards)

10-30secs of demonstrative sound design with music - £ Fixed price Alpha, received upon contact with Dustless Digital

30secs-1min of demonstrative sound design with music -£ Fixed price Beta, received upon contact with Dustless Digital

NDAs will be issued as standard per purchase to ensure complete peace of mind for both ourselves and the work we are privy too from potential clients and to ensure that Alpha or Beta demonstrations are not misused for commercial gain. 




Drama/Action - Dustless Digital
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Atmospherics - Dustless Digital
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Underwater - Dustless Digital
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Track day - Dustless Digital
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We are an independent audio company built around a core team of professionals who simply love what we do. If we are able to enrich your project with our sonic creativity then our passion for our subject is given fuel to grow. Where possible, we are happy to arrange meetings in person to discuss project requirements, so that both parties start out on a strong platform for development.

Additional specific services offered include the disciplines of:


-Field recording

-Sound effect creation

-Dialogue recordings

-Music production

-Score composition


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