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On Thursday 4th October at Bournemouth's BFX festival we proudly premiered The Blues Crab to a full house at the Bournemouth International Centre after 2 years in production.

The film was produced through a superb and fresh 'satellite' business model, where artists from all over the world were brought together by the director Ari Rubenstien to produce the numerous elements required to create this beautiful and unique visual moving picture.

Here at Dustless Digital we were honoured to be given the task of all audio for the 15min Art film. The Blues Crab tells the story of lessons learned in life the hard way and how attention to your elders can save you some pain on your journey through life's waters.

 To find out the full back-story and the driving force behind the film I would urge you to take a little wander over to Curv and read of how Director, creator and vfx legend Ari Rubenstien came to begin this superb project.

The interest from our studio's point of view really came from working...

August 1, 2017

Another Sonic offering from our studio. Another 'practicing the craft' project designed to entice the marketing world of the Automobile industry this time! It's the extra effort that counts, not just doing the jobs you've been asked/paid to do but to work on projects that literally don't yet exist but hopefully brought to fruition by the extra effort. 

As artists and creators, running a business in the media industry, we constantly walk the tightrope between pleasing the crowd and holding on to an original idea in the hope that it makes it's way to the front of the stage, despite resistance. 

'Rejection is part of the process', goodness knows we've all heard that as we try to jump high enough to be seen! However the by-product of rejection is working on your craft, over and over again, a sort of self-imposed practice scheme that you become unaware of...until you look back.

Even those at the very top of the game are producing work now that they will undoubtedly ponder over in a few ye...

A look at the importance of compositional timing when applying music to visuals.